Datalife Engine 10.5 Final (English)

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Datalife Engine is multi-user Content Management System, using the combination of AJAX technology and a cross-browser javascript library (jQuery) which has a lot of features. The engine is intended primarily for the Blogs and News Contents websites with great information content. However, it has a lot of settings that allow you to use it for virtually any purposes. The engine can be integrated into virtually any existing design and has no restrictions on the templates customizations itself. Another key feature of DataLife Engine - is a low load on system resources. Even with a very large contents and visitors website, the server loading will be minimal and you will not experience any problems with the connectivity or mapping and query the contents and information. The engine is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that lead or bring visitors and web surfers to your site (or higher ranked on the search results page) and and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. As mentioned earlier Datalife Engine is Using AJAX advanced technology which will allow you not only to save you on server traffic and resources and traffic of visitors, but also reduces the load on the server. About all the functional features, please visit Datalife Engine Official Website, for English documents and guides please visit our English Documents and User Guides.

Datalife Engine Official Support Forum: http://forum.dle-news.ru/index.php

Script Purchase and Price

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Dear webmaster you want to make a small addition. Before turning to any question in our support script, make sure that you carefully read the documentation on script and did not find it necessary for you to answer. We reserve the right to ignore the issues received by us from users using a non-commercial version of the script or not paid for, including the technical support service. You can purchase one of two types of DataLife Engine license of your choice:

- Basic license When you purchase the license, you also get the opportunity to receive free new versions of script in 1 year.

- Extended License When you purchase this license you get all that is included in the basic license and additionally includes technical support by the script and permit the removal of copyright on the script with a user of (visible to general site visitors).

The term of validity of the license is 1 year, during which you will receive free all subsequent versions of the script and update, in case of purchase extended license, and those. support. After expiration of the license, you can extend, the life or use free up to date at that time version of the script.

How to pay for a script you can read on http://dle-news.ru/price.html

Remember that the license issued only one domain (the project) and can not be used on other sites, but also prohibited the transfer of your license file to others.

Best Regards,

SoftNews Media Group

DataLife Engine Templates

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We and our partner www.dletemplates.com are pleased to provide you with high quality templates which will be ready to use with DataLife Engine script. All templates are created on high quality by skilled and experinced designers and programmers. All templates are fully customized and ready to use immediately after it is installed on the server. In addition, all templates have been fully tested on our site, you also get all the original raw materials that were used to create a template.

If you are still wondering how it will look like on your site and want to use the professional services for reasonable prices, we recommend that you contact our partners www.dletemplates.com, they will create any templates or layout and customize it to use with engine in short time, also provide ready to purchase and use for your site. you can also find our custom template designs by DLEStarter Team at www.dlestarter.com.

Script Technical Supports

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For Script Technical Supports please visit our Supports Forum, as well as via E-Mail. For all of your questions, we try to answer all your questions, but due to the large number of visitors, it is not always possible. Therefore we may additional fee for script supports may applied. The cost of this service is optional $19 and only available with valid license users.

Services for additional support include:

1. Guarantee to answer the questions asked by users for the first time script users and do not know anything or new to script. The purpose of this support is only for direct help only if script not working or non-operational, if the cause of incorrect operation of the script was your template does not meet the requirements of the script, then your support request may be denied.

2. You will get free one time script installtion on your server including setting it up for full operation in current server settings (sometimes you need to disable the SEO, we will provide the specific guidelines for Russian Apache, setup upload functions for upload pictures and files ...).

3. You will receive consult with support to work with the script structure and instructions, for example, you want to make some small changes to the script for more convenient work for you, you can save time on finding the right piece of code just ask us. You will be given advice where to find, and how general it is better to implement the task. (Please note we do not write additional modules for you, but only help you better understand the script structure, so always ask essential questions, questions such as: "how can I get this code or module" may be ignored by customer support).

4. Another of the common problems is incorrect script upgrade, for instance during the upgrade process the server has failed, some of the new data was saved into the database and configuration, some data was not saved, which will cause the script stop working at the end. In this case, you will be held respomsible for manually repair damaged database structure.

In case you have not subscribed to additional support services, your questions will be ignored and unanswered.

Best Regards,

SoftNews Media Group